Delivery Policy


Intellectual or Electronic Products

Delivery of electronic or digital products is made available via instant download or via email within 2 business days. Under contractual project delivery, NativeFoto Ltd. (TA MativeMirror) will make known to the Client the form of delivery. Delivery could include, but is not limited to, hard drive, Dropbox and other secure online cloud formats.

Physical Products Delivery

Any physical products sold by NativeFoto Ltd. (TA MativeMirror) will list a price per item sold on the website. Shipment of physical products is made within 14 business days of the purchase of the physical product via UPS or FedEx or Local Courier Service _(T&T). If you purchase different products in a single order the individual delivery fees are added together. Shipping cost are detailed on the NativeFoto website shopping cart prior to final checkout by the customer.

Other Products and Services

Aside from physical or digital products, NativeFoto Ltd. (TA MativeMirror) may create and deliver intellectual property based media/art products and services. Because of the customized nature of these products and services, details of said deliverable products and services are to be contained and agreed upon by both the Client and NativeFoto Ltd. within a working agreement or contract before work begins. This working agreement or contract outlines the roles, products and services provided and deliverables for the Client and NativeFoto Ltd. and becomes the entire agreement upon which the working relationship is based.

Turnaround Times

Our turnaround times (To your door) are made up of production time (i.e. for physical products) combined with delivery time. These are based on Monday to Friday working days but are still only estimates, as these can be affected at peak times or by courier delays.