About Us

Welcome Natives!

NativeMirror is an online Gallery that exposes Caribbean Art and Images to Local & International clients. Artists and Photographers can submit LOCAL (Native) artworks that reflect the region we call home. Buyers can explore our galleries, frame artworks online, virtually view pieces within your own rooms, and complete purchases for delivery. 

History of NativeMirror

NativeMirror was founded by yours truly Derek Drayton. For over a decade I worked as a Regional Manager with a multinational company. During that time I was struck by how challenging it was as a client to effectively source local stock photography. Because of this, companies often resorted to purchasing images from international sites. It became clear that there must be a better way— one where local (Native) Talent would benefit; this spark marked the birth of NativeMirror. 

As you might have guessed the Worlds of photography and painted arts are closely intertwined, as such, it was not long before the need to extend our business platform, to provide exposure for talented local artist, was recognised.

Today we have a small but talented and fun team of like-minded individuals that drive this creative venture called NativeMirror!