Artist Tutorial

Welcome to NativeMirror! This tutorial is an easy step on the way to becoming a NativeMirror contributor! It is designed to help maintain the integrity of our collection. There will be a short quiz at the end of this tutorial to help you remember what you've learnt. Don't worry, if you get the wrong answer a pop up message with the correct information will assist you.

Legal Requirements

Contributors who repeatedly upload digital copies of art that violate our legal requirements will have their accounts closed.


1. You must be the artist who created the artwork being sold.

If you are NOT the Artist, chances are you cannot legally upload the art or resell it; no exceptions. The sole exception would be an old family art piece, where the estate of the original artist passed it to you as the legal heir. Artists who upload media that are not their own will have their accounts closed and will lose any account balance.

2. You cannot upload a retouched version of an artwork someone else created.

Consider this an extension of rule 1. Under no circumstances can you upload an image or artwork that was obtained from any other source, even if you've altered it heavily.

Artwork Title

All artwork must be uploaded with a Title as conceived by the artist. Some artists feel like it's more burdensome to come up with a title than to create the artwork. So, the question is, do titles really matter? At NativeMirror we believe that a buyer wants to feel like that artwork they are about to purchase from you is one of your best. They're going to have a hard time believing that if you have called the piece "Untitled No. 4". A good title will help sell the artwork. EXAMPLE:


Bush Fire

By Artist: Sarah Joseph-Dasent

Artwork Description
You are responsible for accurately describing your artwork. EXAMPLE Below:
"Semi-abstract piece depicting 2 male figures stick fighting in the forest. Stick fighting or "Calinda" is a type of martial art/folk music and dance that is indigenous to Trinidad & Tobago's traditional carnival celebrations. Also referred to as "Kalenda" this practice is known to other Caribbean islands such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Haiti."

AI-Generated Art
The sale of AI Generated art is permitted on the NativeMirror platform, but, you must declare it in your description. Example Declaration: "Artwork created with the use of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI)".

You are responsible for writing the keywords that help customers find your art. Good keywording is critical to good sales. The first and last name of the artist should each be separately listed in the keywords.

Minimum Portfolio
We require that all artists submit and maintain a minimum portfolio of five (5) artworks. This allows us to better access your fit with our gallery and also helps you to build a following amongst visitors to NativeMirror. 

An Artist may choose to sell only the Original Art piece or only Reproductions or both the Original and Reproductions.
The Artist can set prices as follows:

1. Price of the Original Art Piece: A work by an artist's hand; this excludes mechanical or digital copies, prints, and reproductions.
PRICING: The Artist determines the price for all pieces offered for sale. You agree that your Artwork is not offered for sale anywhere at a price lower than that agreed by you and displayed on our Website – by this we mean the price you set, excluding any discounts.
COMMISSIONS: NativeMirror charges a Standard Commission of 30%. You receive 70% of your stated (input) price. 

2. Image Usage Fee Per Reproduction: The fee charged by the Artist for the rights to use the image of the original on each Reproduction that is sold. NativeMirror is responsible for all costs associated with printing and framing the Reproduction. If the Artist chooses to sell Reproductions, and no Image Usage Fee is input by the Artist, then the displayed default Usage Image Fee will be used.

Unlimited versus Limited Reproductions: As the naming suggests, with Unlimited Reproductions an inexhaustible number of reproductions of the original can be produced, whereas with Limited Reproductions the Artist sets a specific limit on the maximum number of reproductions available. The maximum reproduction number set is inclusive of all sizes of reproductions as well as all sales worldwide.

Dispatch of your Painting(s)
Artists need to get their paintings to NativeMirror within 48hrs of being notified of a customer order. You can directly deliver to our Drop-Off locations or alternatively you can use our Free Pick-Up Service.  Just request the pick-up service via WhatsApp or email and we will dispatch our courier to collect your paintings. Our service is free for the first pick-up attempt; so please ensure that someone is at your location as scheduled. Subsequent pick-up attempts will incur a USD10.00 (TT$70) charge. Details for our Drop-Off and Pick-Up Services are accessible via links located to the bottom of the NativeMirror homepage.

Unavailability of Original Art listed within your Artwork Submissions
The Artist is responsible for keeping their available portfolio (artwork submissions) up to date. This avoids customers making purchases of already sold artworks as well as the administrative efforts required to reverse the sale. In the event that you sell your Original Artwork independently of NativeMirror then you need to update your Artwork Submissions Account to indicate SOLD. A failed sale by NativeMirror due to the unavailability of your listed artwork will result in a USD3.50 (TT$25) charge against your NativeMirror account.


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