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Marcus Corbie was born, raised and still lives in Trinidad and Tobago, the southernmost islands in the Caribbean.  His passion for illustrating started from childhood, with influences and inspiration coming from his parents and uncles. He studied art in secondary school, after which he pursued a Commercial Art course in Trinidad and later earned his Associates of Science degree in 3D Computer Animation in Orlando, Florida.  

Much of his adult life was spent in the corporate world, but his artistic nature kept calling and over the years, he used his talent in various media, including painting original work on textile. 

His current preference, however, is digital painting – a technique for creating works of art using computer software as the tool.  He finds using modern technology in the creative process to be exciting and is anxious to see where this new direction will lead.

Each of his pieces begins with a blank canvas (the computer screen) and is created stroke by stroke with a mouse.

​His inspiration comes mainly from his love for God and his country, evident in his first exhibition “Paradise Remembered” in 2014 which highlighted those aspects of life in Trinidad and Tobago that make it truly special.