Frequently Asked Questions (Customers)

Can I view a piece in person before buying?

Yes, where possible we will coordinate. Please call us to arrange for a viewing of the art piece.

This is normally facilitated only for items with a value above USD 500.00

How do I pay for my purchase?

Payment can be made via VISA or MasterCard for online orders. We also accept cash or bank transfers if you prefer to pay in person; contact the NativeFoto Office for such transactions.

How will I receive the item purchased?

Original Art Pieces and Prints:

  • Internationally - Purchases are shipped with FedEx or UPS at rates detailed during payment processing.
  • Locally (T&T) - Purchases can be delivered to your door via TT Post Courier at the fee stated during payment processing or can be collected for free in person. Please call our offices to arrange collection.

NOTE: Shipping rates for paintings are subject to change. In cases of rate adjustments the client will be notified, and be allowed to cancel the order, prior to the shipment of the item.

Digital Artwork:

  • Digital Artwork can be directly downloaded to your computer upon successful completion of payment processing.

Can you contact the Artist and research or commission a piece for me?

Yes, we can contact the Artist/Photographer specifically in the event that you wish to Commission Work or would like further background information regarding the subject matter depicted in the artwork.

What is your refund policy?

If you have purchased a NativeFoto artwork, and are unhappy with it for any reason, we will give you a full refund within seven (7) days of receiving the item, provided that:

  • You have not previously received more than two (2) refunds from NativeFoto;
  • The item has not been damaged after delivery in any form.
  • Your NativeFoto purchase was not part of a free trial period; or
  • you have breached any of the NativeFoto Terms of Service or any other agreement with NativeFoto.

Any refunds will be made to the same credit card or other payment method used to process your NativeFoto purchase.

How big are NativeFoto images? Can I resize them?

Depending on the image and how it was created, we offer content in JPG format as well as vector illustrations in AI and EPS format. Each image detail page will tell you what is available, the dimensions in pixels or inches, and whether it's best sized for print or web. (Pssst! Web can use smaller 72 dpi images.)

Sizing is as follows:

  • Small - up to 1000px on the largest side
  • Medium - up to 2400px on the largest side
  • Large - up to 3800px on the largest side
  • Extra Large - the largest size available.

All Nativefoto images can be resized using common image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator (for vector illustrations). When in doubt, the largest size will offer you the most flexibility.

JPG files can be reduced, but lose sharpness when made larger. Vectors can be made larger or smaller without losing sharpness or quality.