2018 Fine Art Collection: I Believe In…

I Believe In…reflects my beliefs that are in alignment with my thoughts that drive my actions. There are 17 paintings in this collection. Each painting represents one of the 17 Principles of Success by Napoleon Hill. I built upon his research to create my success compass. I divided the 17 Principles into the four cardinal points. I used the established Tibetan colours of cardinal direction. The blue paintings depict my northerly internal thoughts. In the south, the red paintings represent my self’s traits. The west in green shows my interactions with the world and others. My easterly external habits and practices are in yellow. The paintings are: - Acrylic on Linen Canvas 24” x 36” - Landscape Oriented in Cedar Floater Frames PRICING OF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS: - USD 1,750 for each Original Painting. - Total Cost (17) Original Paintings: USD29,750 PRICING OF DIGITAL PRINTS: - USD 435 for each Digital Print. - Total Cost (17) Digital Prints: USD 7,395

Price: USD$ 7,395.00