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Welcome Natives!

NativeMirror is the Caribbean’s first Art and Images e-commerce business where users can find and purchase LOCAL (Native) Art, Images, Prints, and Videos online. The company focuses on delivering content that reflects the country and region that we call home by sourcing  art and media of local places, faces, food, culture, etc.

We provide a marketplace whereby a growing community of local artist and photographers (Contributors) upload, showcase, manage, and sell their works (supported by copyright and model/property releases) to Local & International clients that are able to search media databases, download purchased files, and order Original Art and Prints for delivery. This means that our local Talent gets PAID! NativeMirror targets both personal and commercial clients in advertising, video production, graphic design, hotel tourism, corporate offices, or any industry that desires quality LOCAL art and images.

History of NativeMirror

NativeMirror was founded by yours truly Derek Drayton. For over a decade I worked as a Regional Manager with a large multinational company. During that time I was struck by how challenging it was as a client to effectively source local stock photography. Because of this, companies often resorted to purchasing images from international sites even when local photos were preferred. It became clear that there must be a better way— one where local (Native) Talent would benefit and so NativeMirror was born. Along the journey a small but committed and talented team of like-minded individuals was assembled that has moved us from concept to the creation of a unique marketplace solution, namely NativeMirror !

As you might have guessed the Worlds of photography and painted/other arts are closely intertwined, as such, it was not long before we decided to extend our business platform to also provide much needed exposure for our wonderfully talented local artist.

How much will  NativeMirror Contributors (photographers) earn ?

At NativeMirror we are true partners with our Local Contributors that are our biggest assets, and we treat them accordingly!

PHOTOGRAPHERS: earn a 50% pay-out which represents the highest pay-out levels compared to International Stock Image sites that generally offer between 30%-40%.

PAINTERS (Artist):earn a 70% pay-out which again is at the top end of the industry.


Photographers always retain ownership of their media, whereas Artist may sell their original works but retain rights to sell Print reproductions.  Furthermore, you always have the ability to personally remove your images / artwork from our site if desired




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